One of the earliest pages we put up on ROOTS & ROUTES was "New London Connections" (choice.htm), and it's still one of the most frequently visited. Recently we received a query from William Hampton Adams (See our Mailbox) about an earlier New London in Indiana, where his ancestors wintered in 1817. Ed Riley, the historian who contributed the original description of New London, Indiana, sent the following response:

Yes, there was an earlier New London, IN, located in Jefferson Co. on the Ohio River. The 1876 map of that county shows New London in Saluda Twp. due east from present-day Saluda and south of present-day Hanover. (These are shown on the current Indiana highway maps.)

To see the 1876 map, go to the US GenWeb Project and click on Indiana. Click on Jefferson Co. Then click on Land/Maps located under Records. Last, click on Map of Jefferson Co. 1876.*

Ed Riley

*Editor's Note: The USGenWeb site is at http://www.usgenweb.com/. The direct link to the 1876 map is http://www.myindianahome.net/gen/jeff/records/land/jeffmap.gif. Mouse around the lower right corner and a zoom tool should appear. Click it to enlarge the map. New London will then be plainly visible in Saluda County on the Ohio River, near the bottom of the map.



Robert Laignelet, of Paris, sent us this sketch of Native Americans, hoping to find out who they were. See his letter. Recently Bill Pitts, creative director for The New Southern View magazine in Jackson, MS, identified these as Natchez Indians carrying their chief, "Great Sun". Read his letter and follow these links to more information:

  • The Natchez Indians - courtesy of the Mississippi Historical Society.
  • Indian Mounds in Mississippi - courtesy of the National Park Service



    Dave Porter sent us this postcard image in hope that someone could locate the original hotel in time and place. (See his letter in our mailbox.).

    Dave is from New York State and found this postcard at a shop in central NY but he hasn't been able to locate any local info. "There are no clues on the back of the card as it is blank with no postmark, publisher or photographer info. The postcard is a divided back which dates the printing to after 1907; however, the image could have been printed from an earlier negative. The biggest clue seems to be the "Marm Kinney's" printed on the bottom of the card as well as the sign which reads "Holland Hotel" and some first initial (maybe an E) and then "Kinney". Quite a mystery."

    click to see full size image.

    A challenge for our New London (CT) connections:

    Elizabeth would like to locate the venue of this performance in 1863. (The following year, a trainload of wounded Civil War soldiers was put up at the hall, “where beds were spread for the sick and lame”…
    Where was Aborn Hall? See Elizabeth’s letter for more details.

    Here's a mystery for our Midwestern cemetery sleuths. It originally came from the Cleveland Slavic Village History pages, which have (temporarily, we hope) vanished from the WWW.

    Near the main gate of Harvard Grove Cemetery at 6100 Lansing Avenue, shaded by a towering poplar tree, five headstones stand, each marked with a cross and the name of a New England soldier who fought in the Revolutionary War. They are:

    Near the soldiers' graves lies the burial plot of the William Wheeler Williams family. Williams was the proprietor of the first mill in Newburgh at Mill Creek Falls. Many other of Newburgh's most prominent citizens are also buried at Harvard Grove. Alonzo Carter and his family, son of Cleveland's first permanent settler, Lorenzo Carter, rest here as do the namesakes of many of Newburgh's old streets. Sadly, the cemetery is now without a permanent custodian. In December 1997, the caretaker's house was demolished. It had been in a state of extreme deterioration, and its restoration cost was prohibitive.

    Since our original call for information about these men who "fought the Redcoats and helped wrest the land from the crown," we've had some contributions from readers. (Read our mail!)


    Two years ago we posted the following:

    Recently we got the following email from the Hoover Family: