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Mound Map


Mounds and Earthworks

The first inhabitants of North America built hundreds of effigy and burial mounds throughout the Mississippi, Ohio, and Tennessee river valleys, and along the eastern seaboard. Much about these earthworks and their architects remains a mystery, but they continue to fascinate archaeologists, anthropologists, "archeoastronomers" and heritage travelers today. ...Continue

Living History Farms Living History Farms

America's farming heritage amounts to much more than a hill of beans. (Think pigs and turkeys, cotton and wool, open hearth cooking and logging in winter.) These farms are actively operated by costumed workers using authentic period technology. We've compiled what we believe is the most comprehensive list of living history farms on the WWW, and a map is in preparation. ...Continue

Baseball Baseball History Museums

Just because the season ends - or you go on vacation in the middle of the World Series - it doesn't mean you have to miss a game! On season or off, fans can 'round the bases of history at these great baseball history museums. From Texas to North Dakota, New York to Florida, you'll find memorabilia, stats, pictures, and maybe your hero's baseball glove on display. ...Continue

New Londons


New London Connections

To celebrate the 350th Anniversary of the town of New London, Connecticut, ROOTS & ROUTES reached out to other New Londons around the country. We found 12 places with the same name – not all spawned by the Connecticut town. Historians from many towns wrote special essays on the origins of the name. All of their stories are interesting and they welcome heritage travelers today. ...Continue

Firelands Firelands Connections

Connecticut once "owned" most of Northeastern Ohio! Part of this "Western Reserve" on Lake Erie was awarded to Yankees whose homes had been burned during the Revolutionary War. Many Ohio "Firelands" towns still have Connecticut names and fine examples of Yankee architecture. Both places share maritime history and are great vacation spots today. ...Continue

Connecticut Firelands Map  |  Ohio Firelands Map


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